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    The Everett Community Ice Rink is dedicated to the growth and development of youth hockey in Everett and North Snohomish County. Our Youth Hockey League is designed for the recreational hockey player and focuses on Participation, Skill Development, and Fun. Our goal is to provide both the beginner and experienced player an opportunity to play the game of hockey in a fun, challenging environment.
    The 2019 Spring League plans to have 4 teams in each of 5 age divisions (8U, 10U, 12U, 14U & 18U). 5-on-5, full-ice games with referees will be played in the 12U, 14U & 18U divisions. 4-on-4 half-ice games with referees will be played in the 10U division. 4-on-4 cross-ice games will be played in the 8U division. Final age divisions, numbers of teams and game format is determined by the actual number of registered players.
    Teams playing full-ice games will play 9 league games and 1 playoff game. Teams playing half-ice and cross-ice games will play a total of 20 games over the 10 weeks. There will not be playoff games for the half-ice and cross-ice ages.

    Click HERE to register

    Try Hockey For Free Day! Hosted by the Youth Hockey Parents of Everett (YHPE) Booster Club

    Try Hockey For Free Day!

    Hosted by the Youth Hockey Parents of Everett (YHPE) Booster Club

    Everett Community Ice Rink

    This event is designed to provide kids, between the ages of 4 to 9, a completely free experience to try youth hockey. A limited amount of equipment is available to borrow. Our top coaches will be on the ice to assist your child in learning the basics. Your son or daughter does not need any previous skating or hockey experience.

    • 2/23/2019
    • Start Time: 2:15 PM
    • End Time: 3:15 PM
    • Phone: (425) 314-4134
    • Email:


    Link to registration:

    EYH 18U-C Bruins win Moses Lake 2019 Winter Classic Tournament

    Congratulations to EYH 18U Moses Lake 2019 Winter Classic Tournament Champions!

    The EYH 18U-C Bruins were undefeated (4-0) during their run to capturing the 2019 Moses Lake Winter Classic tournament. On their way to victory the Bruins defeated a very strong Castlegar team and the SJHA's 17U Development team in the finals.
    The EYH Bruins outscored their opponents by a combined total of 21-1 over the four games. Goalie Jack Tombs posted 3 shutouts in the final 3 games. His stonewalling efforts started in game one by shutting out their opposition for the last 2 periods on his way to recording 11 straight shut-out periods. It was truly a team effort resulting in outstanding hockey. The EYH 18U-C Bruins are currently battling the other MHL 18U-C teams for a top playoff position. Their next home game is Saturday 2/9/2019 @ 3:30pm on the Community Rink.

    Hockey Weekend Across America Feb 18-24, 2019

    Hockey Weekend Across America was created by USA Hockey in 2008 to engage the hockey community in celebrating the sport of hockey at all levels and exposing the game to new audiences.

    12U: Building attack-minded, position-less players


    As hockey has evolved at the highest levels in recent years, players have become less identifiable with specific positions and more identifiable with versatile skill sets.

    The NHL has become position-less in some senses, with all five skaters on the ice able to seamlessly change roles on the attack or defense instead of being pigeonholed into forward or defense mindsets.

    As a result, the recommendation at youth levels is clear: build players who are comfortable being attack-minded regardless of where they are on the ice.

    That means allowing their creativity to flourish without making them reckless – as well as many other things articulated by Bob Mancini, a regional manager for USA Hockey’s American Development Model.

    Building along the way

    The fruits of building attack-minded players might not become fully evident until the 12U level and beyond, but the building blocks start as early as 8U, Mancini says.

    “It has to start at 8U, and it’s all about getting to the puck and taking it to the net. That’s it,” said Mancini. “At 10 and under, the additional information to that is get to the puck first, win the competition for the puck and then solve the equation presented to attack.”

    The 10U window is particularly important, he says, because that’s when some critical pieces of development start to make more advanced actions possible.

    “Starting at 9 years old, we get the very beginning of awareness and decision-making. We have to be careful, because humans don’t develop spatial awareness until right around 9 or 10,” Mancini said. “But this is the beginning of that awareness and that has to start with the awareness to get to the puck first.”

    Let creativity flourish

    What’s interesting is that instinctively most players want to be attack-minded on the ice. So the key to developing such players is – in a sense – don’t mess them up.

    Instead, Mancini says, coaches should allow players to experiment with position-less hockey and allowing their instincts to take over.

    “Unfortunately, some coaches tend to coach the creativity out of the player at that age instead of allowing the creativity to flourish,” Mancini said. “I think, more often than not, those players have some inherent creative position-less instincts.”

    He’s quick, of course, to draw a distinction between attack-minded and reckless.

    “We have to be careful in our quest to teach them the concepts of the game that we don’t make them too rigid in play,” Mancini said. “There’s a big difference between concepts and systems.”

    Best position is no position

    12U hockey is not the NHL, but that doesn’t mean the top professional league in the world can’t serve as a guidepost for how youth players should be developed.

    “You’re seeing right now as close to position-less hockey that you’ve ever seen in the history of the game at the highest level,” Mancini said. “Unfortunately, at the lowest levels, we’re seeing adherence to systems and strict position hockey to the detriment of player development.”

    Adds ADM manager Dan Jablonic: “You look at the NHL now and how they let players play so free because they’re so skilled. The old days of defensemen getting into the zone and coming back into their lane are over.”

    So how do coaches create those attack-minded players at lower levels?

    “What we have to do is look at how the game is played at the highest levels and figure out how that translates to the age I’m coaching and what are the first steps I can help with at that age,” Mancini said.

    The surest way to do that is simple.

    “The best thing we can do for our players is have them play all the skating positions on the ice,” Mancini said. “Ideally, we should have them coming in one door and out the other. The only instructions should be that whoever comes off, the next person takes that position.”

    No pigeonholed forwards or defense. Just skaters attacking, defending and replacing each other.

    “I know that’s radical, but that’s the kind of forward-thinking we need,” Mancini said.


    You can still register for EYH BEGINNERS!!!!

    EYH Beginners fall winter sessions began Saturday, October 6 at 9:30am at the community ice rink! But you can still register!!


    CLICK HERE to register!!!

    The EYH Booster Club will be on hand to assist with getting the kids some great gear and help with suiting them up. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to ensure that we get everyone suited up and ready to go at 9:30am sharp

    CLICK HERE to create an account and register!!!

    The 2018-19 EYH Jr. Silvertips Beginner schedule is listed on the Master Schedule.

    Locker room help needed to keep the kids safe!

    Hello Hockey Parents,

    Please let your team coaches or managers know if you can assist ASAP!!

    USA Hockey and EYH are making a big push on enforcing the Locker Room Policy and Safety. We now have some expectations that our players/parents will need to be following in the locker room. A SafeSport certified parent or coach will check out our locker room key from the front desk before each practice or game. A SafeSport parent or coach must be in the locker room anytime kids are in the locker room even if they are with their own parent. The locker room must be locked once players take the ice, only being unlocked after the practice or game has finished. If for some reason a player arrives late or needs to get back into the locker room during practice, they will need to find the SafeSport person with the key to unlock the door for them. After practice or a game the locker room will be unlocked and a SafeSport parent or coach must be in the locker room until the last player leaves. At that time the locker room must be locked up again and the key checked back in at the front desk. There should NEVER be players or parents in a locker room if there is NOT someone SafeSport Certified in there. There is NO grey area here so please ensure we follow this. For each practice we will try to have the locker rooms open 30 minutes prior to practice. It is also important to have your player undress quickly after practice as others are waiting on them.

    All head/assistant coaches and the three 8U managers have their SafeSport Certification. Even with these people certificated we need more people to help monitor the locker rooms. The coaches often have to get prepped for practice and/or games and the managers are often getting asked questions about tournaments, scheduling, and working to keep the flow of the team. I’m hoping for many parents to step up and volunteer to help with this process. To be get a SafeSport Certification you will need to follow the following steps.

    What you will need:

    USA Hockey registration as an Ice Manger/Volunteer (This is Free):

    USA Hockey Online Registration
    Welcome . USA Hockey, Inc., is the National Governing Body for the sport of ice hockey in the United States. Its mission is to promote the growth of hockey in America and provide the best possible experience for all members by encouraging, developing, advancing and administering the sport.

    Submit a PNAHA Background Check ($20.50):…/1274442-background-check-application

    Background Check Application -
    An Important part of our SafeSports program is the background screening. PNAHA & USA Hockey’s screening policy includes set criteria for which a person may be disqualified and prohibited from serving as an employee or volunteer of PNAHA/USA Hockey.

    Complete the SafeSport Certification Training (Also Free):

    SafeSport Program Training -
    One of the most exciting aspects of the USA Hockey SafeSport Program is the online training/education that is available to help our members become aware of the information necessary to help prevent abuse from occurring in our sport.

    You need to have your USA Hockey Registration done first as you will need it as your identifier for the Background Check and SafeSport Training. The PNAHA Background check and SafeSport Certification are good for 2 years, so you will not need to re-do it next season. You will only need to renew your USA Hockey Registration.